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I type a lot at work, so I want a good keyboard. I first brought in my '93 Lexmark M, but I want that one to use with my iPad. I thought about getting another vintage M, but, A.) I'd rather have something less vintage at work, B.) I've wanted to try a Unicomp keyboard and see how they compare to a 28 year-old M, C.) I wanted to customize the keyboard a little, and I'd rather keep antiques 100% vintage, if possible.

So, I ordered a Unicomp Ultra-Classic (figured I'd try out the revised design while I was at it) and got some custom key-caps, too. First Impressions were good. The keyboard arrived in an appropriate box and covered in shrink-wrap. So far, typing on it feels just like my '90 M, only a little crisper, and with not as much high-end ping (Which makes sense, my '90 is the oldest M I have right now, and it came from a university so it has who knows how many keystrokes on it. The Lexmark board feels right in between these two, which is right with expectation based on age and the number of hours on the board. Oddly though, the '93 has the most high-end ping of any of my boards...)

Buying Experience:

I had a wonderful experience buying from Unicomp. Sure, the website is a tad outdated, they could use some more pictures, description, and user reviews on the site, but the items are as-described, and the order shipped the day after I placed it. I got the keyboard, the red keys, the green enter key, the LED cover, and the linux key caps directly from Unicomp, and it arrived in two days. Meanwhile, I got the blue ANSI set from Unicomp's Amazon store (I had Amazon rewards points, so hey, why not), and I ordered them a good week and a half before I ordered the keyboard, and Amazon hadn't even shipped my order by the time the keyboard got here.

After typing on the Unicomp all day, I really like it. The keys action is the same as the '90 and '93, but feels "crisper". I'd almost like to replace all the springs on the '93, test it, then do a bolt mod and test again and see if a couple million keystrokes of break-in is the only difference.



Layout: 103 key

Label: de-badged

Cord: attached

Part Number: UB40P36

Serial Number: 0192007

Manufactured Date: 9/7/2016