I got my first IBM Model M from MSU Salvage for $5, I don't remember the year but I think it was around 2003 or so (Around 2015, I saw another one at the now-renamed MSU Surplus for $84. I didn't get that one :( )

I used this keyboard for a few years, until I got a computer that didn't have a PS/2 port. For about a year, I was stuck with a mushy keyboard, until I found the proper PS/2 to USB adapter, and now it's back in service.

I got my '93 Model M out of a dumpster.

The white box on top of it is a Bluetooth Adapter - Handheld Scientific, and it works great if you want to use an IBM Model M with an iPad or other bluetooth device.

I type a lot at work, so I want a good keyboard. I first brought in my '93 Lexmark M, but I want that one to use with my iPad. I thought about getting another vintage M, but, A.) I'd rather have something less vintage at work, B.) I've wanted to try a Unicomp keyboard and see how they compare to a 28 year-old M, C.) I wanted to customize the keyboard a little, and I'd rather keep antiques 100% vintage, if possible.