Everyone loves custom keycaps! Unfortunately, it's rather difficult to find custom key-caps for the IBM Model M.


Unicomp makes them, but the selection is somewhat limited.


Sources I've found for custom IBM Model M keycaps:

  • Unicomp - Unicomp makes replacement keycaps for stock Model M's, and a few customized choices. Note that keycaps ordered from Unicomp come with both the cap and stem, so you can use them on one or two piece keycap Model M's.
  • - Clickykeyboards has stock vintage replacement IBM Model M key-caps
  • Fentek - Fentek will custom print keycaps in a variety of colors
  • Hooleon - Hooleon lists colored, stock, and clear caps, details are rather sparse
  • Decent Keyboards on Etsy - Decent Keyboards has a list of truly custom key caps, and you can request custom orders

Keycap Removal guide - How to safely remove keycaps (a butter knife works well, too)