Why it's the best

Many people love the IBM Model M, but what makes it so great? There are many reason, and admittedly some of the features that make some people love the keyboard drive other people crazy.

First, it's heavy. The earliest ones weigh in at around 5 pounds due to the curved steel backplate, and even the latest ones manufactured by Unicomp only weigh a little less. The curved plate also provides a slight ergonomic design. This thing is built to last, and it won't slide around on your desk (it is not, however, very portable.)

The buckling spring is what makes the IBM Model M unique. When the spring is pressed down, it compresses for a bit, then buckles, or snaps to the site, actuating the flipper at the bottom, which causes it to press against the membrane.


Modifications that you can do to an IBM Model M.

How to care for your IBM Model M